Ww1 - World War One For Kids

What was it like being a soldier during the First world War? Find out about life inside a First World War trench and discover facts about trench warfare. Our History resources are designed to help deliver key topics and foster a love of history in children. World war One for kids is an and exciting app that will develop curiosity about the First World War and Remembrance Day.

"A worthy foray through the grim years of World War I—un-overwhelming in a good way. (iPad informational app. 8-12)" Read the Full Kirkus Review here >>

Featured on Apple appstore UK /Ireland. Fun Learning | "best for Kids from 9-11"

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First World war children

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French Version of WW1 for Kids coming Soon . More info at LaGrandeGuerre.org

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History teaching apps for KS1, KS2 and KS3. Featured in Apple Appstore Fun learning BEST for age 9-11

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World history for kids

world history app

World history for kids is a fun and exciting app that will develop curiosity about world's history and the epic tale of humankind. Now available for every tablets!

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Historical periods are organized thematically and chronologically from the ancient world through the 20th century. Each historical section begins with an audio narrative summarizing the events and includes animations, interactive clues, facts, maps, charts and audio clips, An interactive timeline allows the child to travel back and forward in time.

Specially designed for children of 7 years and up, this application aims to :

- Develop a child's knowledge and understanding of history
- Provide key facts and events to consolidate classroom learning

Features :

- In the beginning ..Earth and the solar system
- Early Humans
- Ancient Egypt
- Ancient Greeks
- Ancient Romans
- Medieval Europe
- Great Adventurers of the renaissance
- The Age of Enlightenment
- The French revolution
- The Industrial revolution
- World war 0ne
- World war Two
- Man on the Moon

A fun and exciting app that will develop your child's curiosity about history and the epic tale of humankind.


We take your privacy very seriously. This application
- Does not collect information
- Does not contain advertising
- Does not contain in-app purchases
- Does not use analytics / data collecting tools
- Does not link to social networks

"Another great world history app designed for children ages 6 and up is World History for Kids. This wide-reaching educational app covers history as far back as Ancient Greece and Rome all the way up to the first man on the moon and the Space Race of the 1960s. Students are bound to love the audio narration, interactive clues, maps and charts. It’s hard not to get lost in the wide range of history this app covers, but it’s easy enough to navigate your way to other time periods to explore." Insider's guide

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Egypt for kids


About Us:

HistoryApps is a London based studio that makes tablet applications to learn about history.

We think playing and having fun is a great way to learn about the past.

We believe our games can help stimulate learning, imagination but also citizenship.

Best of all – we do it in a safe way without advertising or in-app purchases.


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